For Academic Year 2015/2016, six teams of CAPTains participated in the Capstone Experience module. In Semester I, the Friends@ Court team collaborated with the Family Justice courts to gain an in-depth understanding of family law within the Singapore legal system. Their focus was on issues relating to divorce and breakdown of marriages. Another team worked with the NTUC Centre for Seniors. They evaluated the current supermarket environment and made recommendations to improve user-friendliness for elder consumers.

For Semester II, three teams worked with issues related to youth. The first was involved in initiating and planning a new after-school program for pre-risk youths with Equal CLG. The second worked in partnership with trybe in befriending and engaging juvenile delinquents at the Singapore Boys Hostel. The third was concerned about promoting healthier perceptions of body image and raising awareness of eating disorders among youth. Their partners were Singapore Association of Mental Health (SAMH) and Rock the Naked Truth (a body image movement).The fourth team, “In Harmony”, used music and group singing to enhance mental wellness through a weekly music program with SAMH.

Please read on for more sharing and insights from the Capstone teams.