Module Preference Exercise (MPE)

The Module Preference Exercise will begin on 4 August 2017. Please download MPE Guidelines and timetable for AY1718 Semester 1.

MPE Guidelines

Download MPE Guidelines [updated: 17 July 2017]


Download Timetable for Junior Seminars & Senior Seminars [updated: 14/08/2017 – Venue change for UTS2403/UTS2403 Class 1]
Download Timetable for IEM modules (IEM1 & IEM2)

There will be limited places available for MPE. Students will be required to submit an essay before start of lesson.
Please refer to the timetable and IVLE for further details.

The module is open to CAPT students only.

**IEM Module
All IEM modules/classes in the timetable will be made available to all UTown Residential College students from the start of the Residential College Module Preference Exercise.
I&E module FAQ

*** Module Codes
For matriculation year AY2014 and before:
Senior Seminars that were previously SSU-coded are now coded as UTS2XXX (which can fulfill the Singapore Studies Module requirement). Senior Seminars that were previously GEM-coded are now coded as UTC2XXX (General Education).

Pilot Scheme (AY1718 Sem1)

CAPT invites non-RC students to join the UTCP modules offered in the college. You may log in to the system to apply for a UTCP module, starting from 9 August 2017.
CAPT Junior Seminars are offered to Year 1 students ONLY. Senior Seminars are not open to non-CAPT students for AY1718 Semester 1.

Specification for GE pillars

There is no direct mapping of UTCP modules to the GE pillars, as the UTCP curriculum is designed differently. The module(s) you have read in the residential college (if they do not fulfill the UTCP completion requirements) may be submitted to the General Education (GE) Committee for review, after you have completed the module. The GE Committee will take into account the UTCP module(s) and the GE module(s) read to date, on a case-by-case basis, and assess which are the remaining GE pillars to be fulfilled. Otherwise, the UTCP module can still count as an Unrestricted Elective.

Academic Consultation
Due to the high volume of queries during the MPE and appeal period, you are advised to email us to get a prompt response.

Useful Links
MPE System: here
MPE Result: here
Online MPE Appeal: here

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