Stop-the-Clock Policy for students who go abroad on Student Exchange Programmes (SEP)

The ‘Stop-the-Clock’ policy at CAPT will apply to students who enter the College as Freshmen, from the AY2015/16 cohort onwards.

Students who spend one or two semesters abroad during their second year under the SEP or NOC programmes will be eligible to have their residency in the College extended by an equivalent number of semesters.

The policy aims to allow as many CAPTains as possible to have the four semesters they need to complete the University Town College Programme (UTCP).

Who is eligible?

Eligible students are those who

  • entered the College in their freshmen year (AY2015/16 onwards)
  • have stayed for at least 2 semesters before going on SEP
  • are on track to complete UTCP (have completed and passed at least 2 modules in 2 semesters, or 3 modules in 3 semesters)*

(*Freshmen who enter CAPT in Semester 2 are eligible if they have completed 3 modules in 2 semesters.)

What do I need to do?

You will need to inform the College that you are going for SEP by recess week of the semester before you leave by filling up this form, and receive official confirmation from the College Office of your eligibility for the extension of residency. You will also need to undertake to complete the remaining UTCP modules by the end of the additional semester (i.e. Year 3 Sem 1).

If I am offered Stop-the-Clock, how do I extend my stay?

If your application to Stop-the-Clock is successful and wish to extend your residency, apply for Senior Retention.