Most first-year CAPT students are automatically enrolled in the University Town College Programme (UTCP), taking five modules over four Semesters. The UTCP is a special General Education (GE) track within NUS. Most NUS undergraduates have to take five GE modules to graduate, and the five UTCP modules replace these typical GE requirements¹.

The UTCP consists of five modules: a Junior Seminar, two Senior Seminars, and two Ideas & Exposition modules.

Freshmen from non-modular faculties (e.g. Medicine, Law, Dentistry), students who enter the College for fewer than four Semesters of residency, and those from certain other programmes may have reduced UTCP module requirements. Please email for enquiries.

Timetable information can be found here.

College ModuleMCsPrerequisiteGrading BasisNote
Junior Seminars*4-Pass/Fail (CS/CU¹)-
UTC-Senior Seminar**4Completed Junior SeminarLetter graded with S/U Option2General-themed Seminar
UTS-Senior Seminar**4Completed Junior SeminarLetter graded with S/U Option2Singapore Studies-themed Seminar
Ideas & Exposition I4Students required to take the Qualifying English Test must have passedLetter graded with S/U Option2-
Ideas & Exposition II4Completed Ideas & Expositions ILetter graded with S/U Option2-

¹ Students from matriculation year AY2016 onward will also have to take GER1000 Quantitative Reasoning to complete their GE requirements. The fifth UTCP module will be taken as an Unrestricted Elective (UE).