Elderly Friendly Supermarkets

Supermarkets: Promoting an Elderly Friendly Environment

This capstone project aims to improve the supermarket experience of our seniors. The group wrote proposals and made a checklist for the Centre For Seniors to implement in the NTUC Fairprice stores after careful observations and analysis.


Reflections from Capstone team members

“Capstone was fun, eye-opening and powerful. We had the opportunity to share our findings and network with the people who are ambitious in improving the welfare of our seniors. We hope that our project will benefit the seniors in the near future.”

– William Henry Taslim, Year 3, Statistics

“Capstone has been an enriching and pleasant experience as we embark on projects that has potential to create meaningful benefits for the community. The learning was enjoyable through independent and collaborative methods such as literature review, field studies and interviews, allowing us to gain insightful perspectives in both theories and the real world.”

– Wong Zi Heng, Year 3, Physics