Mentorship (Youth with Vision)

Youth With Vision was a new, ground-up initiative that gave CAPTains an opportunity to walk together with and inspire youth.  Partnering with Clementi Town Secondary School (CTSS), 18 CAPT students were paired with 24 secondary school students in small groups in a mentorship program that covered life skills. With the mentoring program as a platform, CAPT students took on the challenge to be role models and to invest a part of themselves by befriending and building up the students. Using the framework of social and emotional learning, the Capstone team designed a series of five sessions based on the themes of Worthiness, Strengths and Weaknesses, Possibilities, Empowerment and Visioning. These themes were explored through different talks, hands-on activities, journaling, mentor-mentee interaction time and a school project.

Reflections from Capstone team members

‘Throughout this journey, I really felt that I had learnt so much… about having faith in the kinder side of people, about leadership and about myself.  There were many setbacks as well, but there were many amazing and unexpected moments like the meaningful chat with Grace Sai, Ms Kuik Shiao Yin who extended her support, and the large turnout of mentors who signed up. All these experiences made me feel that everything is possible only if you believe in it, even when others don’t believe so. Carpe Diem. Opportunities are meant to be grabbed and I’m so happy I took this one here.’ (Ho Wei Jie)

Through the five sessions, I do believe that we accomplished something. Firstly, I am reminded that “I am more than one result”, that my life is not determined by the grades I have or the outcome of a single event….Secondly, possibilities are infinite if I am willing to find a way to accomplish it…. I am thankful to be able to stay in CAPT and have the opportunity to take part in the Capstone program. It is a module that reminds students that grades are not everything and it is also an avenue to allow people who want to give back a chance to satisfy their modular requirements with something meaningful.’ (Sharon Chew)

“All in all, I would say that this capstone experience has really been a journey of growth for me…. As cliché as it sounds, I witnessed how the power of a team collectively could produce much greater results than what an individual could ever hope to do. I hope the next team who comes along, comprised of old and new people, will continue to improve this meaningful work and increase the social and emotional capital of the youths in Singapore.” (Lim Ling Hong)