College Students’ Committee

The College Students’ Committee (CSC) is elected by the student body each year, and represents the interests of all the student members of the College. It looks into their welfare, oversees student-led initiatives and interest groups and works with the Master, Fellows and staff to build a vibrant and cohesive community. The CSC also represents the College to other student organisations in NUS. The key events that the CSC organises in the College year include Freshmen Orientation Camp, Fledgling Week, Open Day and others. These are the CSC members for AY2018/2019.

Donovan Liew Yi Heng


Daryl Joel Lee Si-Xuan

External Vice President

Phua Keng Yung

Internal Vice President

Lee Gek Ching

General Secretary

Bernard Chua Kian Liang

Finance Secretary

Tong Wei Hao Joel

Director of Clubs & Societies

Triston Pang Erh Syen

Director of Publicity

Aaron Tan Yan Xi

Director of Sports

Chew Zheng Xiong (Lawrence)

Director of Student Affairs

Lee Yi-Fan Fiona

Director of Active Community Engagement

Nurbatrisyia bte Yazid

Director of External Affairs

Lee Yu Xiang

Director of Social Innovation Wing