Project Kindle

This is the second run of Project Kindle, following up from the success of the project last year. Project Kindle aimed to develop the socio-emotional competencies in foster children from Methodist Children and Youth Centre Community Services Society (MCYCCSS). Through an evidence-based approach, Project Kindle incorporated elements of mentoring, group engagement, and classroom culture to create a conducive environment for children to pick up healthy socio-emotional skills and habits. With training and guidance from MCYC, CAPTains planned and facilitated weekly sessions to promote these essential social-emotional skills to the children. Interweaving both theoretical and practical knowledge, the team sought to exemplify the benefits and effectiveness of group engagement and models. The current team worked on a model that sparked from a desire to expand the reach of the programme to benefit more children. There are hopes that the model will be a blueprint that can be replicated by other individuals, groups and organisations in Singapore as well as overseas.