The CAPT Experience

Living and learning is integral in CAPT – members of the College are part of a community that live, learn and grow together by participating in classroom activities and field visits with Fellows on a regular basis. In CAPT, we consciously weave the themes of active citizenship and community engagement through our curriculum and various learning platforms.

The University Town College Programme (UTCP) is an interdisciplinary curriculum that offers students an opportunity to explore a broad range of intellectual topics. Modules in the UTCP are conducted in a seminar-style setting of about 15 students from different disciplines. Beyond the UTCP, students can also learn by reading other credit-bearing modules and participating in academic activities such as reading groups, Master’s Tea sessions, Artist-in-Residence programme and study trips.

Formal learning experiences at CAPT are complemented by a vibrant residential life driven by the student body through the formation of interest groups and a wide range of activities. These activities provides opportunities for students to interact with one another and with Fellows.

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