The two-year University Town College Programme (UTCP) in the College of Alice & Peter Tan is a five-module curriculum typically read over four semesters. Each student under the UTCP programme will read a total of five modules – one Junior Seminar, two Senior Seminars, two Ideas & Expositions (writing) modules. The UTCP is designed as an alternative pathway to the General Education programme at NUS. By completing the five UTCP modules, students satisfy University Level Requirements (ULRs), which most NUS degree programmes require for graduation.

The University Town College Programme (UTCP)

Junior Seminars focus on breadth and cover a wide range of topics, while the Senior Seminars build awareness of issues relevant to Singapore and the region. All seminars are held in small classes led by faculty members who are also Fellows of the College.

The UTCP curriculum offered at CAPT provides students with an opportunity to explore a broad range of intellectual topics related to the College focus area on Community Engagement and Active Citizenship and is characterized by the small, interactive seminar-style classes.

A sampling of modules offered in CAPT

Junior Seminars bring freshmen together to explore interesting and diverse topics in a highly interactive environment. Students work collaboratively and tackle issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.

  • Family in a Changing Singapore
  • Power and Ideas
  • The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Technology and Human Progress
  • Hidden Communities
  • Discovering Singapore’s Natural History and Heritage

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Senior Seminars are designed to give students an informed perspective of issues that are important to society in Singapore and Asia, help them think critically and challenge them to make a difference.

  • Community Leadership
  • Citizenship in a Changing World
  • Environment and Civil Society in Singapore
  • Identities in Asia
  • (Re)Building Communities: Insights from India
  • Emerging Asia: Successes and Challenges

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Ideas & Exposition modules are offered by the Centre for English Language Communication’s Writing Unit. These help students to develop core strategies that underlie successful scholarly writing in the humanities, social sciences, life sciences, physical sciences and mathematics.

  • Photography and Society
  • Interpreting the Vampire
  • Visualizing Southeast Asian Cities
  • Science Fiction and Empire
  • Sport and Competition
  • Masculinities on Film

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