Trybe Capacitate 2017

Four CAPTains from different faculties learned about the important role of restorative justice among youth offenders in Singapore. Partnering with Trybe, they visited the Singapore Boys’ Hostel (SBHL) weekly to meet with the youths undergoing corrective custodial sentences. Working with and learning alongside the coaches at the hostel, they sought to understand the issues (e.g., family, gangs) that the youths face and planned activities to engage the youths through the sharing of life skills and values. This resulted in a two way learning process, where both the youths and CAPTains gained through this Capstone project.


Reflections from Capstone team members

“It was through this session where I felt like the boys were more open to sharing their thoughts and feelings. In particular, boy “z” shared that he had ambitions to go to medical school and become a doctor! Throughout our many weeks at the hostel, we had not known that he was doing well in school and attempting to take his O level examinations in a private institution. This revelation validated our belief that each boy could still turn his life around and focus on achieving some form of personal success, regardless of the scope or magnitude.”

– Benjamin Lee, Year 3, School of business

“To sum up, I personally feel that this capstone journey is a very meaningful and insightful journey. It has provided me with a platform to exposure and understand a part of the society that normal Singaporean might not even have a chance to. There are many ups and downs during their journey, meeting deadlines, preparing program flow but we manage to pull in through and make an impact in boy’s life.”

– Alvin Ng, Year 4, School of Business”